Golf 4

My name is Brent Osachoff and I’ve been playing golf and competing in tournaments for over 20 years.  I had a relatively late start in the game compared to other professionals.  I certainly wasn’t like Tiger Woods, playing since the age of 2.  When I was 14 years old I got my first golf membership at a golf course called Cottonwood.  While the best juniors at the club were shooting in the low 70’s, I was still happy to break 100.  By 16 years old though I was a low single digit handicap and ready to start competing.  I moved my membership over to Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club and began competing in Junior and Amateur golf events around Canada.  By age 25 I had won dozens of amateur tournaments including some national titles both in Canada and the United States, so I was ready to take my game to the next level.


In 2001 I turned professional by winning the Canadian Tour qualifying school.  I played one season in Canada and then moved down south to the United States where I felt the prize money and competition would be a little better.  I played four full seasons on The Gateway Tour in Arizona, and during that time also played a few extra events both on the Canadian Tour and the Nationwide Tour.  Despite my improvements on the course, both with my golf swing as well as my mental game, my playing career was cut short due to several injuries that were keeping me from maintaining an adequate practise schedule.  The truth is, professional golf is much more about work ethic and practise routines then it is about raw talent.  At that level everybody can play well, so it’s really about who works the hardest and my injuries kept me off the golf course enough that it wasn’t possible for me to continue.  I’m very proud of all that I accomplished in my professional golf career, and will always look back on it with fond memories.


And who knows what the future holds for me.  If I stay healthy and continue to improve my game, maybe one day I will take another shot at chasing my dreams of making the PGA Tour.


In 2005, with my professional playing career on hold, I decided to move to Taiwan and experience life in another country, and what a change it was.  The culture, the lifestyle, the scenery, and even the food is completely different from anything I was used to back home.  I’ve always had an adventurous spirit and the travel aspect of professional golf was something I really enjoyed, so living in a foreign country certainly fits with my personality.  I really fell in love with this place, and 7 years later I’m still here and enjoying it every day.


I have over 20 years of experience in the golf industry and have helped many people achieve their golf goals.  These include high handicappers just getting into the game, low single digit tournament players, as well as a few aspiring young professionals just starting their career.  I look forward to the opportunity to do the same for you.


I’m a fully licensed golf instructor, with a level 3 certification from the United States Golf Teachers Federation.



I’m also a playing member of the Taiwan PGA Tour.  Although I can’t maintain an adequate practise schedule as I already mentioned, I still try to play a few tournaments a year.  Injuries aside, that competitive spirit will always be in me.



So if you’re interesting in taking your game to the next level, please contact me anytime and we can set up some lessons.  Otherwise, feel free to check out the rest of my website, and come back often to check out all the latest content.